Enabling the "E" of E-ConnectNorthEast

This is the portal for the community by the community.

The community will decide what they intend to see and what they intend to take away from the portal, the connect the e-connect needs to be done by the people and the role of ISOC kolkata and BASIS Technologies is to enable the "E"


Nice initiative. It was really a need for the day, and will bring all stakeholders together.


It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not BUFFER


Connecting the North-East to the world wide is really a great opportunities for the people of this region and we are going to gain something for our state Tripura. 1. To develop the net connectivity throughout the state, something needed to be developed that the connectivity problem gets demolished. As suggest high speed connectivity throughout the region with Ultra modern technology. 2. Kiosk throughout the state, so that people can get the information in one touch. 3. Promoting and connecting us in high potential sites. 4. Assemble the seller and buyer of the same trade in one point. 5. Connect the World with us under one umbrella. 6. Delivering thoughts or tips to the connected concern with you about the positive or negative points of their portal.


A few of the final year students or freshly passed out of college need to be motivated to lobby and link small/medium entrepreneurs to the internet for rapid progress.

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